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The Origin of Roulette

A popular game in the casinos, roulette or rulet, as it is sometimes also called has been a favorite among the casino goers for a long time. Found in several interesting versions like American roulette, European roulette, French roulette, and mini roulette, the game has an interesting and fascinating history.

The first version of roulette was the French version and was invented during the 18th century by a well known and famous mathematician, Blaise Pascal. The interesting fact about it is that Pascal was not on a mission to invent roulette, rather he was looking for a machine which will be in perpetual motion and during his search he accidentally invented the first version of roulette. Many people believe that roulette was inspired by several other games like the Reiner, E.O, Ace of Hearts and the Roly Poly; some other believe that Italian board games like the biribi and hoca have also played a part in the games origin.

After its invention, roulette had fast become a favorite among the players in France which is evident from the fact that the game had found mention in a French novel by a famous author, Jaques Lablee. However, because of the nature of risk involved in the game, it was considered illegal and often banned.

The game of roulette as invented by Pascal was in vogue till 1843 when Louis and Francois Blanc, two Frenchmen, introduced their own version of the game in the German town of Homburg. In this new version, a zero was introduced in the roulette wheel which increased the winning odds. This was done as a measure to attract more players and compete against the other casinos which usually played with a wheel having a double and a single zero pocket.

Throughout the 1800s, the game began to spread across Europe and North America. Because of its easy rules it soon became a favorite among the players and went on to become one of the most popular casino games. In the present day roulette is still a favorite among players of all ages. With the coming of the online casinos, the game was soon introduced in its online version which made it more accessible to the people leading to even more increase in its popularity. Roulette can now also be found in the live format in many of the European online casinos, i.e. the players can play live game with real dealers from the comforts of their home.