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Roulette Game Terms

Is roulette all about luck? Those who know the game say that it is more than that. If you want to win playing roulette you cannot depend on luck alone. You should be aware of the game and its strategies to increase your chances of winning. And you should always be aware of the various roulette terms to learn the game.

Every spin in roulette is independent of the other turn. There is no relationship between any two turns and hence you should be aware of the odds and how to handle them best.

There are actually hundreds of TV roulette terms. When you go through the glossary of roulette terms it is not out of the ordinary to get a little intimidated at first. But as you read on you gradually start understanding them. And as you start understanding the terms better you also start understanding the game of roulette.

Some of the important roulette terms are given below.

American wheel The American wheel has 38 slots, one each for the number 1 through 36 and separate slots for 0 and 00.

Block betting Betting on a block of numbers on a section of the roulette table. The risks are lower in this type of betting but the payout is also lower.

Casino Edge The advantage for the casino on any specific wager. The casino edge in the American roulette wheel is 5.26% and in the European roulette wheel is 2.70%.

Coup A winning bet on one decision and one roll.

Croupier The person who operates the roulette table.

En Prison Rule When the ball lands on 0 the players have two options under this rule. They can either take back half the bet amount or leave the bet in place for the next spin.

European wheel The European wheel has 37 slots, one each for the number 1 through 36 and a separate slot for 0.

Inside Bet betting on one of the numbers inside the roulette table. This includes 0 and 00.

Line Bet Betting on a six numbers in two rows.

Noir Betting on a black number.

Outside Bet Betting on 2:1 or even money on the numbers outside the roulette table.

Red Bet Betting on a red number.

Straight Bet Betting on a single number.